Canyon Romance

Image of Canyon Romance

11 x 14 Canyon Romance was constructed on gallery wrapped canvas with a self-created 3-dimensional style medium that creates luxurious depth and contour. I am in love with this style of painting as it is completely intuitive in nature. I have no idea what will result when I begin one of these pieces. What is meant to be, is revealed in the creation. Frequently heard is the statement, "I feel so much better (calmer/more centered/more aligned/more inspired) when I look at your artwork." This is not by chance! Even though my process is quite fluid, my intention is completely focused. I create works of art that inspire those very feelings. I center myself before starting each day in the studio. I meditate, clear my room of negative energies, play inspiring music, clear each and every component used to create my artwork and infuse them all with Reiki energy. There are crystals and/or crystal dust embedded in many of my pieces. My works of art, truly are energetically alive and charged, which is why they envoke such magnificent emotions.

Reminiscent of sunset colors emerging as Mother Sun begins her descent for the evening, this piece has glazes of acrylic, ink and metallic washes to create many layers of subtle colors that result finally in a finished piece that is anything but subtle. We finish with some bling, some metallic flakes and glitter to catch those final glorious rays of sunlight.