Kami Posa Wall Altar

Image of Kami Posa Wall Altar

20 x 24 Three Dimensional Mixed Media on gallery-wrapped canvas. Why are some of my art pieces named wall altars? Works in this series are created with a specific intention/mantra/prayer in mind. Each tool and item used in my art is infused with Reiki energy, cleared and blessed with sage and palo santo. This piece was created with the intention of love and abundance. You will find rose quartz dust, selenite dust, and clear quartz dust used as a painting element. Rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst gems are embedded into the painting itself along with driftwood, beautiful shells from the Black Sea in Bulgaria and mussel shells from the coast of Maine. These paintings are powerful when placed near your home or office altar, by your desk, or as a focal point to enjoy from your yoga mat.