Sea Mother

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16 x 20 three-dimensional mixed media work of art. I incorporate raw sea elements, gem dust, gems, and bling to create a one of a kind piece of art. All my artwork is attuned to a specific intention with all elements receiving Reiki blessings, sage and palo santo cleansing and sound attunement. People frequently state a tangible feeling of energy and emotion as they view these pieces. Here is the beautiful testimonial from the woman who has this particular piece of art in her collection. "Here is what I think of, my emotions, what I see, smell and feel when I look at this amazing piece of art you have created. I’m ❤️ so in love! Thank you for your creation!!

Shine and shimmer.
Warmth and beauty.
Sea glass, sparks childhood memories.
Seashells are footprints from Mermaids.
Glitter and Aqua, glistening phosphorescence.
I smell salty air and feel the sun on my skin, fire to my soul.
Deep Blue Love from a Sea Mother."